Private Billing Policy

As you will have learnt recently from the media, regrettably Medicare Rebates have only increased by a few cents in the last 10 years. This falls far short of ever-increasing practice running costs.

Unfortunately, it is for this reason that this practice must adhere to our policy of privately billing patients who are not on a Pensioner Concession Card or who are not covered under Veterans Affairs.

Patients with the above-mentioned cards or entitlements will continue to be bulk-billed.

We hope you will understand the reason for this policy, so we may continue to provide you with caring and dedicated treatment with appropriate length consultations.

Thank you,
The Regent Medical Group.


Fee changes from the 31st of July 2023.
MONDAY TO FRIDAY (including Telehealth) :

Iron Infusion – $150 out of pocket.

Aclasta Infusion – $100 out of pocket.

Ear wax removal – $30 for 1 ear and $50 for both ears – out of pocket.

Cryotherapy – $10 per lesion, max at $50 – out of pocket.

Wound dressing material – $20 for 1st wound and $10 for each additional wound – out of pocket.

Missed appointment fee

An appointment that is cancelled or rescheduled within 2 hours of the general GP

or 24 hours of circumcision appointment time will be considered a missed appointment.

Patients who wish to continue attending the clinic will have to pay the
missed appointment fee of $100 before any further appointments can be